Can we consume desserts after their expiration date?

Our desserts are fresh products therefore perishable, it is not advisable to consume them after their expiration date.

Can we freeze desserts?

Freezing does not affect the food safety or nutritional value of the desserts, but the texture will be greatly affected. We do not recommend freezing cream-based desserts: ea. Crème brûlée, Flan, Parfait.

Are your packaging recyclable?

Cardboard packaging is recyclable, ramekins in glass too.

What can you do with empty ramekins?

Glass ramekins are recyclable and reusable. Visit us on Facebook for original ways to reuse them. They tolerate freezing, baking up to 400 ° F (205 ° C), however, sudden changes in temperature should be avoided.

What about allergens? Are your desserts gluten-free? Do they contain peanuts and nuts

We recommend that you read the list of ingredients and the declaration of allergens on the packaging of each particular product. There will surely be one that will suit you!

We have desserts that contain gluten (for example cheesecakes) and others that don’t.

The manufacturing is done on the same equipment and programs are in place to avoid contamination by gluten.

We do not process any product with peanuts or nuts.

Where can I find the list of resellers of your products?

You will find the list of stores selling our products on our site in the “Where to find us” section.

How come I can't find my favorite Marie Morin dessert?

We are constantly trying to offer new products to our distributors. The distribution of certain products may therefore be stopped because they are no longer produced or do not correspond to the season of the current year.

We invite you to discuss this with the store manager to let him know that you want to find our products at his point of sale.

How do I read Nutrition Facts tables correctly

To help you understand the information contained in the nutrition facts tables, you will find an explanatory diagram by clicking on the following link: Link

What is the best way to store my Marie Morin desserts?

It is recommended to always keep our products fresh and to respect the expiration dates on the packaging. Products should not be stored at room temperature.

What will be the future products of Marie Morin?

Our dedicated research and development team works every day to develop new products. We invite you to regularly visit our website and follow us on our social networks Instagram and Facebook to stay informed when a new Marie Morin product is released.

I would like to know the list of your pasteurized products.

All our products are pasteurized except frozen chocolate mousse.

I cannot find an answer to my question.

Do not hesitate to contact us via our form in the “Contact” section of our website by clicking on this link: Contact. We would be delighted to help you!